Welcome to The Job Board

We support two types of listings. A 'Job', an company/individual looking for a worker and a 'Worker', someone looking for work. To set up our job board in your store, simply follow the instructions below.

Step One

First you must create the fields to be displayed on your board. Go to Setup > fields. Here you will see the two listing type mentioned above. Fill in the listing type(s) you need.

Step Two

Click generate, this will create the pages in your store. Displayed under your currently published theme.

Step Three

Now we need to generate your job board. Go to Setup > Job Board.

Step Four

Click Generate Your Job Board, This will mimic the action with the form fields. Below the 'Generate Your Job Board' button, will display what the job board will look like, but because this is the first time setting it up, there will be no jobs to display.

Step Five

If you want this to display on your main store, you will need to add it to your navigation. Follow this link Menus and Links

Can we custom how it looks?

Of course. Go follow this link to generate your own custom HTML. Upgrade